Golf room domination

Monday, January 14, 2013

Well folks, the weekend was a success. You might recall that I told you on Friday about my big plans to dominate the room in our house that we call the Golf Room. The room where Alex keeps his golf equipment and where we have the treadmill and other workout necessities. The room that - bless my disorganized husband's heart - had become a total mess in which we could not find anything.

But this weekend, the clutter went down.

Take a look at the Before:
And the After!

Yep, it was a success. We went through everything - every bag, every box, every cubby. We grouped like items. We threw away 2 garbage bags full of trash. We created a huge "Sell/Give away" pile. And we currently have a ton of golf equipment listed on Craigslist. Boom.

Plus, we now how a clean, organized room where we can actually work on our fitness. Hooray!

Sidenote: You know you're old, married and boring when cleaning out a room is the highlight of your weekend ;)

Did you get any projects crossed off your list over the weekend?


  1. The room looks great! & no worries, the first thing my fiance & I did yesterday morning was clean & organize our spare/guest room. It was a disaster & I couldn't find anything anywhere! I felt so relieved & accomplished after the fact! Great start to the day! HAHA!

  2. Wow, that is an impressive clean up! Good work. My husband never wants to throw anything away.

  3. That looks awesome! I have an entire closet devoted to all of my golf equipment, and everything tumbles out when I open it. I'm slightly scared of it, yours looks wonderful!

  4. Looks amazing!!!!! We are in the process of doing some serious organizing and purging too!!! Stumbled upon your blog from Friday's Letters :) New Follower!! xoxo! Happy Monday!

  5. Wow, that is a huge difference! We have some of those same fabric storage cubes... they are so great! Hope all of your other organization projects prove to be just as successful.

  6. High Five! That looks awesome.. Is my junk room next?


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