January Challenge Week 2 (Purge & Organize)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 2 of my January Challenge is done and, WOW, are we ever collecting a lot of junk that needs to be sold or donated!

Here are some of the things I got rid of during Week 2:
  1. Old magazines I've already read
  2. Cosmetic bags (the ones that you get from Clinique Bonus Time, etc. - I mean how many do you need?)
  3. 2 cookbooks I've never used
  4. A basket that I used to keep my scrapbook stuff in, but don't anymore 
  5. A few pieces of clothing 
  6. Old bottles of paint, among other things, from my craft closet
  7. SO MUCH STUFF from the golf room. SO much stuff.
In addition to conquering the golf room last weekend, I organized my craft closet too. Here is the Before/After:
It doesn't look too different, but trust me that it is so much better! I now know what I have and where everything is. I sorted through all my supplies and got rid of stuff I don't need (including a random old nightstand that was in the closet!). I feel much better now!

We're about half way done with the month, and I still need to organize the study and garage. I can do this!

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