Friday's Letters

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hey Friday, hey! So glad to see you again. This week was long for a lot of reasons. For heaven's sake, my husband turned 30 this week. Which is making me think about the fact that I will be 29 in September...and 30 next did this happen?!

Anyway, the Hubs and I have BIG plans this weekend. We are going to tackle a project as part of our January Challenge: the Golf Room. I am calling this weekend "Total Golf Room Domination" time. The clutter in that room is going DOWN. I'm serious. And the organized freak in me is actually excited about it. I am salivating at the thought of taking everything out the room, sorting through it, organizing it, and putting it all back in an orderly fashion. Yum. I'll post Before and Afters!

If we finish the golf room by Saturday night (doubtful, but possible), we will move on to another area - either the Study or the Garage. We shall see.

So I bet y'all are reallllllly jealous of my super-fun and amazing weekend plans, right? ;)

Now onto Friday's Letters!

Dear Hubby: 30 looks good on you! Dear paycheck: I wish you wouldn't shrink, but we have the government to thank for that. Ridiculous. Dear medical bills: WHY? Seriously, sometimes I think health insurance is a complete croc. Dear Tory Burch flats: I love you! Thanks for being significantly cheaper on eBay so I could afford you! Dear weather: what is up with you? 70 degrees+ in January? Where is the flipping snow??? Dear PTO: I am so happy to see you re-set for the new year. Dear appetite: I wish you would chill. I think part of it is due to the steroids I have to take, but seriously, you are insane lately! Dear Lord: although I know it's a promise from You, it still amazes me how you faithfully provide. Thank you for your promises.


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