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Friday, January 25, 2013

Short weeks are the, am I right? It feels like the weekend was just here - but you won't hear me complain about that!

We are planning to head to my in-laws' for the weekend to celebrate the FIL's birthday and go to a family reunion on Sunday afternoon. That is, if this weird wintry weather doesn't prevent us from driving there today! The forecast for this afternoon is 80% chance of freezing rain with temps below freezing - yikes! Sounds like ideal driving conditions...or not...

When we get back on Sunday, we are going to be packing machines. We've got to get the hubby ready for Georgia, and me for Vegas!

Have a great weekend - and stay safe and warm if you are in this crazy winter storm's path! 


Friday's Letters! 

Dear Vegas: I am so excited to meet you, finally! And I'm pretty excited I can enjoy you on the company's dime, too! Dear job: I heart you. Seriously. And not just because of Vegas. Dear carpet: I am so glad we got you cleaned this week. It's amazing how yucky you got in not even 2 years of normal, average, everyday life! Dear baby Avery: I miss you and your sweet little face. You are growing up so fast. The next time I see you (in March), you will be such a big girl! It breaks my heart that I can't see you all the time and watch you grow. Dear wardrobe: I didn't realize how boring you were until I began packing for Vegas. How old am I?? Dear Penny & Ellie: have fun at grandma and grandpa's this week! We'll see you next Friday. Please behave...Dear Husband: I can't even think about Monday. I am so sad that we will be living apart for a while, but excited about the future. It will be worth it, I know. Even though I'll see you often, I will miss you madly. 



  1. Short weeks are totally the best!

    Vegas? Super jealous.

    I'm excited to follow your blog!

  2. HAVE a great in VEGAS!! should be fun, i have never gon but sounds great! new follower!

  3. Everyone I know is going to Vegas right now! Have fun!!

    And short work weeks = amazeballs.



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