2013: the year of the challenge

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Heyyyyy, friends. Big news. I have decided that this year, I will be giving myself a challenge for each month and sharing the journey with you along the way. Just to keep it interesting. And to hold myself accountable.

I saw this idea on this blog - she did it in 2011 and I just love the idea.

Some ideas for monthly challenges:
  • going Vegetarian or Gluten-free for a month
  • wearing every item of clothing I own in one month
  • another Essentials Only Month - or two! (Don't tell the hubs, he will not be too excited)
  • purging items that we no longer need
  • a new workout plan that I would commit to for 30 days
  • not eating out for a month
    and so on.

BUT - I need your help. I would love to hear some ideas for a 30-day challenge, since I will need 12 challenges in all. Maybe I'll use your idea...or maybe not if it involves giving up sweets or running every day for a month :)

Ready - set - GO! 

January has already been decided: that challenge kick-off is coming very soon!

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