January Challenge Week 3 (Purge & Organize)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well here we are, already near the end of the month! Wowzers. Week 3 of my January Challenge is over and we are continuing to gather lots of stuff to give away/sell, or stuff that was thrown away.

Here are some of the things I gathered during Week 3:
  1. Clothing that I never wear
  2. Some reusable plastic football cups (we have plenty of real cups)
  3. A ton of old coupon inserts that needed to go in the recycling bin
  4. A old pair of scissors that didn't really cut it (haha) anymore
  5. More clothing, specifically items I no longer like...and I still haven't methodically gone through my closet and dresser
  6. Purses, to list on eBay ASAP
  7. A burned-out candle

In addition to just piling stuff in the guest room, we've made progress in getting rid of (like actually out of the house as opposed to in a pile) a ton of golf clubs over the last week. I took them to work and let all the guys I work with have a hay day and we made about $500 in the process. The rest is getting posted on Craigslist tonight! Success!

For the other half of the challenge - the Organizing part - I still need to organize the study and garage. However, since the hubby is not working this week in preparation for his big move and career change, he should be able to help with both of these tasks. Especially now that he no longer has the job that was the reason for the madness in the study!

If you are doing a January Challenge, I hope it's been successful so far!

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