November Challenge: recognize the blessings and be positive

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I have a lot to be thankful for. I think we all do. So why is it that I sometimes focus on the negative? Why sometimes that's all I seem to see?

My husband has said to me from time to time, "You're so negative." Not gonna lie, it burns me when he says this to me, because I don't see myself as a downer and never have. But I can see where he's coming from. He has a very positive outlook on every situation and his tendency is never to worry because it will all "work out." Me, not so much. My natural MO is to worry and focus on a tiny bad thing until it eats away at me. (But this is why we're a good pair, right? Ha!)

Thus my November Challenge was born: be positive and focus on the plentiful blessings all around me, big and small, every day. November is the month that houses my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. And since Thanksgiving is pretty darn close to the very end of the month, I am going to spend the weeks leading up to it giving thanks for the things that give me joy, bring me peace, make me smile, and lift my spirits when I do think about the bad things (because, come on, we all think about the bad stuff and we all worry).

I've seen the daily "Thankful" Facebook updates and blog posts each year and, while that is essentially what my objective is here, I don't want to blow up your feeds with a post everyday. And I'm too busy these days to post daily, sadly. So there's that. [Ughhh....there I go! I'm not trying to sound negative - honest!]

So I'm giving thanks in a real, meaningful way. With pictures of what I'm thankful for. In random order. It might get outta hand (like, if I mention that I'm thankful for my washer and dryer before my mom, it doesn't mean I love the W/D more than I love my mom. It just means the W/D was on my mind that day). It might get plain random or weird. But it will be honest, and it will be me, giving thanks in this month of Thanksgiving.

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