Thanksgiving Challenge - Week 3

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday, November 15
: I am so thankful for modern medicine! Thanks to Humira, my Crohn's is under control and I have been feeling great since I started it in February. 

Saturday, November 16: Today was the Florida/South Carolina game (the one game a year Alex and I do. Not. Watch. Together) and I am so thankful for my Alma Mater. Even though football has not been a strong suit for Florida this year, I'm thankful for my degrees from a truly fantastic school. Also thankful that my family (brother in pic) was here to watch it with me! 

Sunday, November 17: I'm thankful for a weekend spent with family in town. I cherish days with my family since they live so far away. Just blessed to get to spend time with them! My mom and stepdad also helped me do a lot around the house, which was verrrrry appreciated! 

Monday, November 18: I'm thankful for a fun dinner out with some new friends. Being a Columbia newbie, it's nice to be establishing a new network of friends. It's hard moving to a new place as an adult, but thanks to work and Junior League, I'm starting to make some great connections in my new city. 

Tuesday, November 19: I'm thankful for my Dad and I miss him very much! I don't get to see him as often as I see my mom and brother, but I think I laugh every time I speak to him on the phone - the man cracks me up. I'll always be his little girl. 

Wednesday, November 20: so thankful for my Besties Lindsey and Lesley. It's tough only seeing them a few times a year when I saw them every day for years on end, but our friendship is still as strong as it ever was. They're the sisters I never had! 

Thursday, November 21: I'm thankful for technology (specifically Apple products!). Like my new iPad I'm typing on right this minute to finish this blog post. And special shoutout to Target's trade in program that gave me $200 for my first generation iPad a few weeks back. New toy and a bargain? That's something to be thankful for. 

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