Thanksgiving Challenge - Week 2

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Friday, November 8: today I'm thankful for date nights! Without any kids in the picture, we can go out whenever we want, for however long that we want. I guess we should take advantage of it while we can, right? (don't get any ideas - there's no bun in this oven!) 

Saturday, November 9: I'm thankful for weekends that allow me to get stuff done. I definitely appreciate the leisurely type of weekends, too - those are a very necessary part of life - but I so love crossing things off my house to-do list! 

Sunday, November 10: today we visited a new church (we're still "church shopping" in Columbia). I'm thankful not only for religious freedom, but having so many churches to choose from. I still miss our church in Greenville (below) but I have faith that we'll find an awesome church family here.

Monday, November 11: today I'm thankful for my sweet baby angels, Penny and Ellie. They bring me so much joy, it's unbelievable (and their enthusiasm when I get home is uncontainable - always a nice way to be greeted!). They are a huge part of our little family. Puppy love. 

Tuesday, November 12: I love chilly weather and I'm thankful for the chill in the air! The crispness of fall reinvigorates me and puts pep in my step. There's no other feeling quite like it. 

Wednesday, November 13: I'm thankful for busy days at work. Even though today was a long day - and tomorrow will be even longer - it feels good to feel like I'm finally making a difference at my job, 3 months in. 

Thursday, November 14: I'm thankful for the things I learned on the job today. My job introduces me to so many people and industries, and it's fascinating. I got to spend the day - and into the night - with some fun clients, and got to enjoy the view of a cotton field while doing so. It was a good day.

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