Playing catch-up

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I blinked and it's November. I swear.

Here's a quick run-down of what we've been up to lately:

Alex was in a wedding down in Florida a few weeks ago. I took Friday and Monday off of work, so we enjoyed a nice 4-day weekend in the sunshine. Even though I grew up in Florida, I don't recall ever having a beach weekend in late October. But it was glorious! The weather for the wedding (in Fort Myers) was absolutely perfect and the wedding itself was beautiful. I've never been to an outdoor wedding with weather that perfect. 

Sunday after the wedding, we went down to Marco Island for the "after party" which was the next night. We got to enjoy a full day on the beach and pool-side complete with pina coladas, tropical music, picturesque blue skies and 80 degree weather. Ahhhhhhhh.

My stress faded just looking at the Gulf waters!


Halloween snuck up on me - I can't believe the first of the 2013 Holidays is over! Wowzers! The girls dressed in little Holstein cow costumes to pay tribute to my family's dairy farms (this was Alex's idea, by the way). They were presh. The trick-or-treaters loved to see the Penny and Ellie all dressed up! 

Nice expressions, pups!
My obedient Golden
If looks could kill...

With the crazy Summer that transitioned into a crazy Fall, I didn't put up many Fall decorations this year because I feel like I just unpacked my "normal" decorations for the house. Which I did, like a month ago. So we kept it simple with just a few outdoor decorations to put on a good face for the neighbors, ha! And it goes without saying that there are a few pumpkin-scented candles sprinkled around the house.


Last weekend, Alex was at a tournament with the golf team, so I went up to my mom's cabin in NC. We hiked on Saturday down to the river to watch the annual Green Race, a professional kayak race on the Green River. The hike on the way down took about 45 minutes and was somewhat challenging: I didn't anticipate it being soooo steep (and, by the way, there was no trail. We blazed our own). But it was so worth it to see the gorgeous rapids and watch the very impressive kayakers! Those people were amazing. 

The hike back up the mountain, however, was a different story. An hour and a half of climbing literally on my hands and knees because it was too steep to stand wore me out!! I haven't been that "one with nature" in a long, long time. But it was A BLAST. I didn't care how dirty I got, or that I my legs were throbbing with emerging bruises from all the rocks I was "walking" on. It was straight up little-kid-playing-in-the-dirt FUN, y'all. It won't be something I'll do all the time, but I will certainly do that hike again. Plus, it was really fun to do it with family (shout out to my 54-year-old mom who killed it!). We felt really accomplished at the end of the day, and although I was pooped, it was the good kind of worn-slap-out. 

You can sorta tell how steep it was in this pic


In addition to all this goodness, we've been playing house in our new (or not so new anymore - been there for 3 months!) home. I've been working on a couple of big projects: can't wait to share the finished products!

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