I did something I've never done...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Have you ever had your hair done - cut, colored, styled, whatever - and been so unhappy with it that you went back to the stylist and asked them to fix it?

Well yesterday, I had to do that.

See, I wasn't completely unsatisfied with my hair. Actually, I think the majority of my cut (I don't get it colored) looked great and it was just what I asked for.

[Back story: I had long hair that I had grown out for years, then after we got married, I cut it - cliche, I know. And I kept cutting it a little shorter each time until it was shoulder length, a long bob. All in all, have cut about 8-9 inches from the length. I have been keeping it short because it is easier, takes less time to dry, and my hubby is one of the 12 men on earth who prefer short-ish hair to long hair. But I suddenly have developed an insane craving to have my long hair back, like, yesterday. Which is why I haven't had it trimmed since January. Until last week.]

When I went for a cut last Thursday, I asked the stylist (who was new to me - I went to a new stylist and salon for the first time) for a teeny amount to come off the length - just enough to shed the split ends - and to create some layers around my face and in the back to get rid of some of the heaviness of the blunt cut, now that it's past my shoulders.

Selfies are so awkward...
She did what I asked. But she kept cutting it on the right side, and saying how she couldn't believe how much longer it was on that side and that it must have just grown out weird.

Lo and behold, I get home to admire myself in the mirror, and what do I see? The right side is now noticeably SHORTER. Like a half inch to one inch shorter.

I knew that it was probably only noticeable to me, but it bothered me. And since I don't plan to get another cut for several months, it needed to be fixed for my sanity. 

I called the salon on Saturday and explained I just needed 5 minutes for her to fix it. They were super nice about it. When I got there yesterday, I thought it was going to be awkward. But my stylist was so nice and apologetic and made it really easy.

My point is, I almost didn't call back because I didn't want to hurt my stylist's feelings and I hate complaining. But that would have been ridiculous! I paid $50 for a haircut. She is there to make me happy. And it turns out it's not that big of a deal.

Problem solved. Now to get it long again... Suggestions for how to make hair grow??

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