Nothing like a concert in the freezing May...

Monday, May 6, 2013

This weather is really wearing me out. Why is it so cold? And the rain won't stop! Isn't Memorial Day this month?! Ready for my dresses and white pants, yo.

I know I have nothing to complain about when compared to the Northern peeps who keep getting snow and actually cold temps, as opposed to chillier-than-normal and rain. But still.


Tailgating before the concert, when we were still dry!
Alex and I never go to concerts. We love music, and for the most part, love the same kind of music. But it's rare than we hear of a show coming to town that we both really want to see and it's worth the money. A few weeks ago, I got an email from Living Social about a concert in Columbia (1.5 hours from us) this past Saturday, May 4th. The lineup was Kacey Musgraves (okay sure, I can take her or leave her), Eli Young Band (like), Zac Brown Band (love) and Kenny Chesney (almost a country legend). The best part was that a set of 2 tickets was only $49. Yes, puh-lease!

Since A's hometown is only about 45 minutes from Columbia, we decided to turn it into a weekend with the in-laws and celebrate Mother's Day with his Mom a week early. And they watched the pups while we went to the concert: always a plus!

Zac Brown Band - they are SOOO good live!

When I bought the tickets, I had visions of sweat and sunburns since the concert was outdoors in Williams-Brice stadium, our seats were on the upper deck, and it began at 5pm. Could I have been more wrong? Instead of a sundress and sandals, I was bundled in every layer of clothing I had packed for the weekend, which wasn't much, with a raincoat on top for the rain that wouldn't get the heck out of Columbia. We didn't see the sun all day!

Kenny Chesney - the last pic my iPhone could muster before dying...
But despite the crummy weather, the large concentration of camouflage jackets, the drunken underage girls dancing on the bleachers, and the rednecks smoking in the crowd, it was actually a ton of fun. If you ever get the chance to see ZBB live, DO IT. They are amazing. The other acts were really good too, and who doesn't like at least one of KC's songs? I'm glad we toughed it out in the name of country music!

And WHERE IS THE SUNSHINE? Still waiting on spring in South Carolina!

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