An ultrasound and a reunion walk into a bar...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey peeps! Last time you heard from me, I was starving and about to head in for a fun-filled afternoon of an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Which was every bit as fun as you might imagine.

Here's the scoop: during the scopes, my doc found several small ulcers and is concerned that I might have an angry gallbladder as well. I'm not sure if anyone has ever been so happy to hear that something is wrong with them! Hearing that made me happy because it means we are closer to figuring out how to treat this junk.

So, the next steps: this morning I had an ultrasound on my abdomen to look at my gallbladder, and that was inconclusive so I will have a HIDAscan on Monday, where we'll take a more intense look at my gallbladder and how it is functioning. My doctor is also going to order some more blood work. Nothing too crazy but steps toward a solution (at least I hope).

The largest hiccup in the whole endos/colonoscopy process last week was that when I woke up from the anesthesia (during which I had no doubt been dreaming about food), they told me that I had to continue my clear liquid diet for the rest of the day, follow a full liquid diet on Friday, and a soft-solids diet on Saturday. Say what??? This was NOT the case last time I had this done. To tell a hungry girl that thinks she is about to eat for the first time in 42 hours that she, in fact, cannot eat normally for 3 more days is just cruel. I was pretty mad about that, even through my post-anesthesia high.

But alas, I made it. And - big news here, people - due to my fasting schedule, I made my goal weight - just in time for my reunion! Yes, this is on my list of 28 things to do while I'm 28! Now I don't consider this cheating because I wasn't too far away from my goal before the fast and I have been working hard. How long this will last, I'm not sure, but whatevs: seeing that number on the scale almost made my 3 days of a liquid diet worth it!

Speaking of my reunion - it's this weekend! Eeeek! I cannot believe my 10 year high school reunion is here. I am a little nervous, I have to admit. These days, I only see and speak to a handful of high school friends - not because of any bad blood, but mainly because I now live hundreds of miles away from my hometown. I just don't know what to expect between the old boyfriends, the girls who used to be some of my besties but are now almost strangers, and the casual friendships I had that aren't even Facebook friendships now. Will people judge me? Will they think I look bigger, smaller, better, worse, prettier, or older than I did almost 10 years ago? Or will they even care? Basically, I have to remember this:
Ha, so true! :) Hope you all are having a great start to your week!

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