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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I wanted to try a new link-up today with Nicholl at The Chiffon Diary. I like the title: "The Fact Is" Tuesday. Because I like Facts. It means you're getting down to business. I like it.

FACT: I could vacuum our house every day due to the endless Ellie hair abounds. But I don't. Even with my slick Dyson Animal that I l.o.v.e. Good thing we have tan carpet and the Golden hair just melds in, buying me a few days in between cleanings.

FACT: yesterday I used my lunch break to get a warm apple cider from a local coffee shop and curled up on a couch in said shop and read on my iPad. It was heavenly. (Bonus points that it was raining outside!)

FACT: I have bought no less than 5 fake gourds to decorate with for fall. Why??

FACT: It bothers me a little to begin sentences with "So...." - because I know it's not quite grammatically correct - but I do it all the time.

FACT: Boys that lie and hurt my girlfriends have got it coming to them. Losers.

FACT: I love my KitchenAid standmixer, but I should use it more. It seriously does everything. I do not let it live up to its potential, shame on me.

FACT: I thought every weekend in October was going to be filled and it was going to be a crazy month. But last night one of our weekend opened up. I'm okay with that.

FACT: I was really touched by all the sweet comments from you followers about my bummer of a weekend and health issues. Thanks for the sweet notes! You guys are the best. Hopefully I will kick this soon.

FACT: I am a little anxious/nervous/freaked out/excited/busting at the seams that my best friend of 13 years is having a baby this month! This month. Wow.


  1. It took me an entire year after we got married to first use our kitchenaid. Now? It's a permanent fixture. And my husband is ever so grateful. ;)

    We have cream carpet in the bedrooms, and when my dogs are over, it's give or take with the hair. One dog is white, the other black. So, you win with one dog, lose with the other. Ha!

    And OMG the fake pumpkins/gourds. I did the same this year! Never mind that we have real pumpkins from the pumpkin patch already. Why do we do these things? lol.

    Sorry for the novel!


  2. I'm your newest follower :) I found you via The Chiffon Diaries! I love love love your blog, it's so cute! I look forward to future posts!!

    and OMG there are few things that I love more than decorating for fall, so don't worry; you are NOT alone, hahaha.

  3. My dog sheds so much! If it wasn't for my Dyson, I would go crazy! Even if I only vacuum twice a week and the fur on the floor looks like it clearly needs to be vacuumed up everyday! :)


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