Fall at our house

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I hope you are all finding the fall spirit! The last two days here in Greenville have felt very fallish. As I always like to say, cool weather makes me want to "frolic" - not sure why "frolic" is the verb there, but I like it.

Anyway, it's been cool here, albeit cloudy and rainy, but it has totally put me in the Holiday season spirit. Sure, I'm not quite ready for Christmas - let's get through Halloween first please, Target and Michael's - but Halloween is the first of the Holidays, so I say bring it on!

Our home is feeling very fallish, too. We have our front door all decorated and ready for trick-or-treaters - just need to carve one of the pumpkins before the 31st!

I also decorated the mantel/fireplace area. We don't really have much of a mantel because that's where the built-in for the TV is, so I made the most of the room on the floor around the hearth. When I got home from work on Monday, Alex had the fire going, and the crock-pot soup I started that morning was smelling yummy -- perfection on a cold autumn day!

Yesterday was another chilly day, so I made pumpkin chicken tortellini for dinner (adapted from this recipe from Adventures of Newlyweds). SO good. You're practically eating Fall with a fork.

My "Autumn Days" Pinterest board is chock-full of delicious-looking recipes that I am dying to try. Tons of pumpkin and apple infused mains, sides and desserts that I want to stuff my face with.
Yikes, I need to calm down. 
My 10-year high school reunion is in 3 weeks - now is not the time to pack on the poundage  ;)

What kind of fall decorations/activities/recipes have you been loving lately?


  1. Your decorations are so cute! I'm going to have to try this pumpkin pasta!

  2. Beautiful home and decorations! I did a post too with our fall decor. Check it out :)


  3. I love your decorations!!!! So cute!!!


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