12 things on 12/12/12

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So by now, we are all well aware that it's 12/12/12. But have you thought about the fact that this is the last triple date in our lifetime? There can't very well be a 13/13/13 next year, huh? I guess this also marks the last chance for all those couples who desire an easy-to-remember wedding anniversary, ha!

In celebration of this day, here's a list of 12 random things straight from my head and heart. Enjoy!

1. Thank you for all the kind words and prayers during my first iron infusion yesterday! It was honestly a piece of cake and I haven't had any nasty side-effects, just a bruised hand from the IV. I  have another one tomorrow and two more next week, then hopefully I will be done!

2. Here are before/after pics of Penny on grooming day (which was Saturday). She looks and even acts like a totally different dog when she gets a haircut!

3. I am worried I won't get all my Christmas To-Do's done in time. We're leaving for FL a week from Friday, eeeek! Where has this month gone? Tell me I'm not alone!

4. I am still debating on which planner to get for 2013! Should i go with the awesome and detailed Erin Condren life planner again, or the smaller and cheaper May Books planner? Help!

5. This is my Florida Gator Christmas tree that I put in my office every year. There is no wondering which team I pull for in an office full of Gamecocks, Tigers and Bulldogs!

6. The last of our Christmas cards went in the mail today! Such a good feeling.

7. Ellie is obsessed with this blanket lately. It's literally a security blanket, like a child's. She drags it up the stairs at night for bed, and down the next morning for breakfast. She plays with it, snuggles it, and even chews on it. It's cute until she wraps it around your legs in an attempt to trip you - which she does almost every day.

8. I have been so hungry lately. I guess after 2 weeks of not really eating and all foods sounded gross, I am making up for it now. I probably need to hold back just a bit!

9. I'm a sucker for seasonal candy. Yesterday I bought 4 bags of Christmas M&Ms (see above). To be honest, most of them will be used in my holiday baking. But there will be plenty left over for munching :)

10. I am debating what to do with my Christmas bonus. Some will be used for gifts, but what to do with the rest? Options are: put into savings, put into Italy fund, put toward credit card, or splurge on a treat for myself. I'm just excited to have received a bonus at all!

11. I am starting to get worried that we'll have another snowless winter! I'm hoping Jack Frost will show his face at least a few times this winter. Just enough to have a few snow days would be nice!

12. I found out last week that I am going to Vegas in January for work! It will be my first trip to Sin City. Even though it will be for work and I won't have tons of free time, I'm looking forward to seeing the city and experiencing its energy. Should be fun!

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