I don't know how to dress professionally for winter.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hey ladies - I seriously need some help.

I've mentioned before that I started a new job this year, where the dress code is business casual. I previously worked at an advertising agency where, I'll be honest, if I would have shown up unshowered and in my P.J.s it probably would have been fine. [I did not do that. Not in college, not ever in life. Just sayin']

During the spring and summer, I didn't really miss getting to wear jeans to work because of my collection of dresses, skirts, and linen-y dress pants.

HOWEVER - I am now freezing in my thin-ish dress pants. As a native Floridian, I feel I am at even  more of a disadvantage. I was doing well to dress warmly in casual clothing.

I should also mention that it is perpetually cold inside my office as well. Something with the a/c constantly running because the guys with large windows in their offices get warm...don't get me started.

I've lived in the South Carolina Upstate for 3 years now, and I absolutely love that we get 4 seasons here. The winters are consistently chilly if not downright cold, and we get a little snow. But until this winter, I had also been able to wear jeans, boots, a chunky sweater, scarves, etc. to work each day. And all of that is now reserved for the weekends.

I feel absolutely helpless in dressing for the cold weather and looking professional. HELP!

I hear talk about lined leggings - okay, someone explain. And also, how do I make this look professional. I want to know.

And wool pants seem warm. I should get some I guess?

What I struggle with is feeling stylish in bulky winter work wear. There's only so much you can do when you're covered head-to-toe in wool. I miss my boots and jeans.

Okay ready...GO. Tell me what to buy. Tell me what your winter work mainstays are. Tell me what you can't live without. Pretend I that I just moved to Buffalo from Miami and I will scale back accordingly.

Many thanks, my friends! I owe you one.


  1. The wool suiting pants from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and JCrew are really good for the winter, because they are warm without being bulky. I layer like a madwoman, and we all keep space heaters under our desks. Good luck in staying warm!

  2. Wool pants are a necessity! Get yourself some equally awesome cardigans and socks. There are actually companies that make tights that have thick sock-like feet on them that are really warm and worth the extra money.

    Also think about Cuddl Duds! They are super thin and you can wear them under your summer pants :) http://www.cuddlduds.com/ I'm from Maryland so our winters are significantly freezing and these saved me many a day :)

  3. I dont really know. Dressing for cold is hard for me. I am definitely not a pro yet. I think layering is the key though.

  4. How did I miss you live in SC? I live here, too!

    I have to dress up for work and have the same problem. I love my summer work clothes and my casual winter clothes which doesn't work so well for a dress code that includes no jeans. I wear a ton of Tracy Negoshian dresses with tights and boots or flats. I also wear skirts with sheer black hose. I don't wear pants a ton because I really just dislike dress pants, but when it gets really cold, I do. I also have a space heater under my desk which helps! :)


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