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Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm back on this link-up again - Happy Friday, y'all!


Dear Alex: I love our life together. I love that you can bring a voice of reason when I get too stressed. I love that you can keep things fun and light when I get too serious. I love that you complement every part of me.
Dear brother: I am so proud of you for starting a new job and taking the plunge into adulthood. I hope you're loving your boat captaining gig and your new place!
Dear Christmas: you're getting close! I need to get down to business and really prepare for your arrival.
Dear Hemoglobin level: why so low? You're freaking me out. An iron transfusion doesn't sound like fun, so thanks a lot!
Dear weather: could you possibly get a little more Christmas-y? 70 degrees in December sounds nice in theory, but I would love some chilly temps so I can bust out the heavy coats.
Dear Christmas Bonus: Heck yes! You are my first Christmas bonus ever and I am very excited to meet you!

This weekend, we've got lots to look forward to! Tonight is my office's holiday party. Since this is my first Christmas at my job, this will be my first holiday party with my company, and I'm super excited. I work with some fun peeps and it's at a great restaurant downtown. I love any reason to get all dressed up and festive!

Tomorrow will be a day to get things done! Penny is in desperate need of a haircut, so she is going to the groomer in the morning. I need to make a dash around town to grab a few Christmas gifts, then I plan on doing some wrapping. In the evening, Alex and I have a very fun, very Christmas date night planned: we are going to High Cotton, our favorite restaurant, and then we have tickets for the Nutcracker ballet!

On Sunday, we'll go to church (it's the second Sunday in Advent), and probably try to get a few more Christmas errands done. We need to figure out what to get both of our dads - shopping for men is so hard! And then maybe we'll watch some Christmas movies. We haven't really had time yet to watch any of the usual suspects, like Home Alone, Elf and my all-time fave, Love Actually. Those 3 are musts!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Have a fantastic weekend, loves!


  1. I got my first official Christmas bonus today, too! Exciting!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! My husband and I are going to his first ever office Christmas party on Saturday and I am so excited to get all dressed up!

  3. Have fun at the Christmas party tonight! That's a big highlight of the year for our company. Also, hooray for Christmas bonuses! I can't think of anything I like more than our end of the year bonus =)


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