2012, you were one heck of a year

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2012! Doesn't seem like so long ago!
I have to admit - New Year's is not my favorite holiday. Even though it's exciting to look toward a new year filled with new possibilities, it's tough to have another year behind us. I always feel like a new year comes just when you're finally comfortable with the fact that it's 2012 - know what I mean? Plus, I am a very sentimental person and I get all nostalgic and everything when we usher in a new year.

However, I do like to look back on the things we've done, places we've gone, and the fun we've had in the last 12 months!

My 2012 in review:

I started this blog in January as a way to keep up with our lives and record the day-to-day. Although it was neglected for about 6 months, it's now something I love and I love reading about all of your lives as well! 

We took the Alpha Course at our church in the winter (I highly recommend if your church offers it!!). Not only did we learn more about Christ's love for us, we also met some great people who have become good friends!

Me and the Mister at Disney
We went to Disney World (Magic Kingdom and Epcot) in April while visiting my family - Alex's first trip there since he was 5! And I always love me some Disney time :)

I started a new job in April, which I love. It was such an answer to prayer. Better pay, better hours, awesome people, and I love what I do. You can't beat that!

In May, I finished my provisional year in Junior League, and began my first Active Year in August. I love the League and all the amazing women I am meeting through it!

We bought a new car in June and now drive His and Hers Volvos. How cute. awwwwww

Me and my girls at Edisto Beach

We took a long weekend to Edisto Beach, SC at Alex's family beach house over the 4th of July. The pups loved it and we had a blast, too.

We celebrated our First wedding anniversary July 9! So hard to believe that our first year of marriage went by so quickly. It is so much fun to be married to your best friend!! Meanwhile, this year my mom's parents celebrated 60 years of marriage and my dad's parents celebrated 65 years. They are such an inspiration and a testament to what marriage is all about.

First Anniversary: the cake was still delicious a year later!

In August, I went to Dallas for my sorority's (Sigma Phi Lambda) national officer retreat, since I serve on the Board of Directors for our Alumnae Association. It was a nostalgic weekend - I felt like I was a college girl again!

For Labor Day weekend (also my 28th birthday weekend), we went down to Gainesville and enjoyed time with family, friends, and the Gators. What a great combo!


Alex switched careers, going from a professional golfer to a medical sales rep in September. A huge change for both of us and the end of an era. I am so proud of him for making that bittersweet decision.

We went to Washington, DC in September for a fun weekend in our nation's capital. It was the first time I had been since my 8th grade field trip (talk about change in perspective).

Ellie turned 1 in September - we don't really have a "puppy" anymore! (And Penny turned 8 in June - *sniff sniff*)

We went to several football games to watch our Gators and Gamecocks. It doesn't get better than SEC football, folks. 

We celebrated with many friends who got married, bought houses, and had babies (especially my Bestie Lesley, who had little miss Avery in October!)

In October, my mom bought a mountain cabin that belonged to my Great-Grandfather 40 years ago. We have already enjoyed it so much and look forward to making many memories there.

Heading to my 10 year HS Reunion
I planned my 10-Year High School reunion and partied with all my classmates in October (even though Hurricane Sandy cancelled half the plans). My how things change in a decade's time! It was so much fun to reconnect with so many people. 

We spent our first Thanksgiving as a couple with Alex's parents, and our first Christmas with my parents in FL (it was flip-flopped last year for our first holiday season as a married couple!). Alex spent his first Christmas in sub-tropical Chobee - and despite the heat, I think he liked it!

In December, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. While this isn't a "highlight" by any means, it did give me a great sense of relief that after 15 months of trying to figure out what was going on, we now know and can treat it. Praise the Lord!

We're finishing off the year at Mom's cabin in NC - Alex and I, my Mom and stepdad, and my in-laws: just a small group of us to ring in the New Year. I'm sure there will be champagne and goodies, and we'll probably watch the ball drop. What really matters is that another year has come and gone and all the blessings I've received this year are overwhelming. Just when you think God has given you more than you deserve, He blesses you with something else.

Not a bad place to begin 2013

I wish you all the best in this New Year. I hope this is the year you get your dream job. Or meet your Mr. Right. Or make your goal weight. Or have that baby! Or take that trip you've been dreaming about. Whatever it is, whatever your goals, I hope you exceed them and this is your best year yet.


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