Royal baby on the way: sound the trumpets

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Can we talk about the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant??

This is the most anticipated baby since...well, probably THE most anticipated baby in our lifetime. Because, let's face it, Americans love their Royal Family (er, I mean Americans love the Brits' Royal Family).

Let's think for a moment about the fashionable maternity clothes Kate will wear. Alexander McQueen will probably make her hospital gown. How can we common folk even attempt to compete with that?

And although I hear she is suffering from acute morning sickness right now (sorry girl!), I am betting she is still one put-together and gorgeous sick woman. 

Seriously, though - this is huge. And now with the new royal heir laws (or whatever they're called), this baby will be the King or Queen one day even if it's a girl (it used to be that a woman could  become Queen only if no male was born: take Queen Elizabeth for example - she had no brothers). But now the first born, regardless of gender, will have the throne.

Although I am not as crazy as some about the Royal Family, I definitely get into it. I was ecstatic when I found out Kate and Wills were engaged, although I have to admit I had a moment of panic. You see, they got engaged just a few weeks after Alex and I did. And I was freaking out that they would choose the same date for their wedding as ours. And then no one would care about our wedding day when the Royal Wedding was on TV....anyway, we dodged a bullet there.

Want to know how I found out Kate was expecting? I was sitting at my desk at work yesterday when I got a text from my Mom, and I quote: "Willie & Kate r preggers! They beat u to the bump - and that's fine! Tell me again what kind of candy Alex likes for his stocking..."

Way to cover a lot of ground in one short text, Mom! ;) And I'm glad to know that it's okay with you that the Royals are having a baby before Alex and I (and no, we are not trying, attempting, even thinking about that right now!).

All this to say: congratulations to the Duke and Duchess, and best wishes for a smooth and healthy pregnancy. I for one cannot wait to find out the gender and hear the baby's name. This poor child had better get used to attention very early in life!


  1. That is the best text message ever! Man, your mom sure knows how to pack a punch with her texts!

  2. Haha my mom does the same in texts!

  3. I want an alexander mcqueen hospital gown!! Eek! :) XOXO your newest follower


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