It's OK Thursday!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hey there friends - I haven't linked up for this one in a few, so here we go!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK...

  • that I officially have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I'm okay with it. After 15 months of doctors, meds, procedures and diagnostics, I am happy to finally know what this stuff is and get a game plan together. (Any bloggie friends have Crohn's and want to share advice on treatment, etc? I would LOVE it!!)
  • to go shopping for yourself just a few days before Christmas. Whatevs: Old Navy was having a killer sale...
  • to feel lucky, in a way, to have to get iron infusions (which are now complete as of yesterday!) because I have seen those who are really suffering and who are really sick during my treatments. Me? I'm just anemic.
  • to feel incredibly saddened for our country in a way I haven't ever felt. The shootings last week have affected me to the core, like most people. And I fear the ramifications will further drive Americans apart (gun control vs. gun rights, etc), but what we all want is a safe world.
  • that I am convinced time has literally slowed down so much this week that it has practically stopped moving! I know I'm just ready for a break and to see my family. But the hours are creeeeeeeeeeeepin'
  • that I am slightly overwhelmed by some of the happenings over the last week, both in my personal life and in the world...there's just a ton on my mind and it's keeping me up at night
  • to not be able to stop eating all the candy and treats that are at home (thanks to my incessant holiday baking) and at the office (thanks to all our partners/vendors who are trying to make us chubby)
  • that I'm in disbelief, as I often am at this time of year, that we are staring a brand new year in the face. "2013" doesn't have a good ring to it. But maybe it will be the opposite and be one heck of a year! 
  • that I finally broke down and ponied up the cash for an Erin Condren planner again this year. And now that's it's ordered, I want it yesterday.
  • that I cannot WAIT to be in Florida tomorrow night and squeeze my Bestie's baby, and hug my grandparents, and hang out with my dad, and see my friends, and cook with my mom, and share in the excitement, wonder and magic of Christmas in my hometown with Alex for the first time!


  1. No advice for you with the Crohns but I am glad you finally have a diagnosis so you can start to get better!

  2. I have ulcerative colitis, which is nothing like Crohns (except for the symptoms)... I feel for you. :/ And I am kinda skeptical about 2013... So many changes are coming up in the new year for us!

    Have a great day!

  3. Shopping for yourself is totally okay...lord knows i've been doing it all month lol!

  4. Erin Condren is probably the best investment I ever made, it keeps my sanity :) Merry Christmas!!


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