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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ahhhh...Friday is here once again. And doesn't it feel good?

I do hope that you have some fun weekend plans lined up - or just a weekend full of R&R. I have a little bit of both on the books. I am heading to mom's mountain house to see her and my stepdad today after work, while Alex is  heading to Columbia to watch Gamecock basketball tonight and football tomorrow. Then he'll head to the mountain house on Saturday. I'm planning to take our Christmas card pictures while we're up there this weekend -  hoping for good weather and puppies that cooperate! :) It should be a pretty relaxing weekend which is what I need after a week of feeling miserable. Plus, a girl's never too old for some mommy time, right?

I love this link-up and I've been out of the loop on it the last few weeks - so today I'm back!


Dear husband: thank you for being so patient and understanding this week as I have felt so horrible. Thank you for babying me a little - it's just what I needed. I hope to feel much better soon and then I promise I'll start cooking dinner again! :) Dear work potluck: can't wait to dig in today! Let the holiday eating gorging begin! I just hope my stomach cooperates since I haven't really been able to eat this week. Dear Christmas list: I need to add to you (for others, not for myself!). Why is it so hard to figure out what to buy certain people?? I can't buy the gifts until I know what to buy. Grrrrrr. Dear ulcers: just stop. Please. Dear custom Christmas card companies: I am overwhelmed by the options out there. Do I go with traditional? Modern? Single picture? Multiple pictures? Chevron? Polka-dots? Stripes? Yikes! Dear DIY Advent calendar: I have had you in my head for a year now. I just want you to turn out the way I've envisioned...k? Dear Target: I like the new Black Friday ads with the couple...but I miss the crazy bargain lady from the last few years. She was totes ridic and I loved her. Dear Erin Condren: can't you just have a sale on your planners already? I am desperately needing a 2013 planner, but can't bring myself to shell out $50 for one. I'm going to need a deal like I got last year. Dear followers: I hope you have one amazing Thanksgiving on Thursday -- and don't think twice about getting seconds (or thirds).


  1. Found you through Fridays letters! New follower. Love southern :) If you find a deal on those Erin Conrad planners- let me know! I've had my eye on them too. Oh and chevron is my favorite right now so that's my vote for a Christmas card :) Come visit if you have a chance!


  2. love it when the husbands baby us a little. it really makes all the difference!! xo annalizbeth

  3. I've heard ulcers are horrible :-( Feel better soon!

  4. I feel ya about the cards… It seems like there are more than ever to choose from. Love your blog. come check me out.

  5. I ended up just designing my own cards this year(and cards/announcements/etc for other people). It's a lot easier that way, and cheaper too. We are having our cards printed at a local store as a 4x6 photo which is only about 15 cents each, so all we need to buy are envelopes and stamps which we already have.

    And I know what you mean about Erin Condren. They are SO expensive. I would love to get their wedding planner (or regular life planner) but there is no way I'm spending $50 on either. A sale would definitely be nice!


  6. new[est] follower. loving your letters and your blog. can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!


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