Giving Thanks: Week 2

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am continuing with my weekly posts on what I am thankful for on each day of this month. Read Week 1 here!

Thursday, Nov. 8
Today I'm thankful for my Dad. He is probably the funniest guy I know (and it's not always because he's trying to be funny, if you know what I mean). He is also a fun guy in general, and everyone loves to be around him. He's usually the life of the party! No matter what, I'll always be his little girl.

Friday, Nov. 9
I give thanks for FRIDAY! Friday is the best day of the week, because you have the whole weekend ahead of you. The possibilities are (almost) endless. No matter how much you love your job, everyone still loves Friday. It's just what you do as a working American adult. 

Saturday, Nov. 10
I give thanks for my in-laws today as we head to meet them at the the South Carolina game. They are the best mother- and father-in-law I could ask for. They raised a boy into the wonderful, Godly, polite, funny, smart and good-looking man I married.

Sunday, Nov. 11
I am so thankful for my brother John Louis. He is one awesome guy and can always make me laugh for one reason or another. While he and I are nothing alike at all - seriously, you can't tell we're related - he is still the most genetically similar person to me on the planet and I love him!

Monday, Nov. 12
I am thankful for my gastroenterologist today. Even though I don't have a diagnosis or all the answers yet, we're getting there. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I am thankful for his wisdom and I'm trusting him to know what's going on with me.

Tuesday, Nov. 13
I am thankful for my two best friends today, Lesley and Lindsey. These girls are my soul mates in the realm of friendship. I've known them for 15 years and have shared most of life's milestones with them. I couldn't imagine middle school, high school, college or beyond without them. They're the closest thing I have or ever will have to sisters! Love them.

Wednesday, Nov. 14
Today I'm thankful for my grandparents and feel blessed beyond belief that all four of them are still with us! They have been such an inspiration in my life. I see the love they share - 65 years of marriage for my dad's parents and 60 years for  my mom's parents - and my hope is that I will feel as fulfilled as they are and have even half the life experiences they've had.

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