It's OK Thursday

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Its Ok Thursdays

Well lovelies, Thursday has come again! I hope your week has been going smoothly and quickly (the best kind, right?) Linking up in one of my faves again today for It's OK Thursday!

It's OK...
  • to feel upset about the election results. Even if your guy won, you should still be upset by the deep division in this country. This is serious, y'all. 
  • to feel overwhelmed by the explosion of Christmas stuff when walking into pretty much any store
  • to have lost touch with my calorie counter app. Whoops. I need to jump back on that train. 
  • that I can't resist leftover Halloween candy (see above)
  • that I'm ready for it to get really cold so our lawn will go dormant - is it weird that I like dormant grass better than green grass? It's just so much easier to maintain...
  • that I know Ellie is pretty much the best puppy (or "young adult" - I guess she isn't really a puppy anymore) that you could ask for, but sometimes she drives me insane with her attempts at getting attention. This is how I know I'm not quite ready for kiddos!
  • that I have already started googling "Black Friday ads 2012". Black Friday might be my favorite day of the year. 

I hope you have a fab Thursday! xo


  1. halloween candy is meant to be eaten!!

  2. i agree, i love Christmas but to be bombarded with it everywhere even before Halloween is a bit much, thanksgiving is important to celebrate too :)

    i eat a little package of mms everyday since they are from Halloween lol can't let them go to waste!

    cute blog!

  3. I think that stores should at least wait until after Thanksgiving, it drives me nuts how many places are all ready playing Christmas music.. and I love Christmas music, haha!
    I so agree with Anna - Halloween candy is meant to be eaten (:
    My dogs drive me bananas, and my son does too. It's totally normal!

  4. I love Black Friday! My best friend and I have gone shopping on that day for 11 straight years now! 3 years ago we started going at midnight!!

  5. New follower to your cute blog! :)



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