Giving Thanks: Week 4

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So last week, Blogger so nicely deleted my entire post on my daily giving thanks series - on Thanksgiving-eve, no less! I was SO sad. So some of these are repeats of what would have been listed last week!

Thursday, Nov. 22
Today is Thanksgiving, and boy do I have a TON to be thankful for. I am thankful for family - both mine and Alex's, who we're with today. I am thankful for tradition, especially the amazing tradition that my grandmother started decades ago when she started hosting TG dinner for 25+ people (oh how I miss the whole family today!). I am thankful for a holiday where you can say "Happy Thanksgiving" and no one can be offended; it's the one holiday that each American should celebrate with pride and love and a lot of thanks in their heart.

Friday, Nov. 23
Today I'm thankful for all the Black Friday shopping lessons my mom taught me over the years. I wasn't out to get a ton of deals today - I more or less went for the sake of going and tradition and all that. But I miss my mom, my shopping partner, on one of the only (probably the only) Black Fridays I've ever spent without her!

Saturday, Nov. 24
We're headed up to the mountains today to buy our Christmas tree - a tradition we began last year with my in-laws. I am thankful to live so close to the mountains after spending 25 years in hot and flat Florida. I'm also thankful for a Florida Gator win over the Seminoles!! It's Great To Be A Florida Gator!

Sunday, Nov. 25
Today I'm thankful for a day of rest. It's a day I need after a weekend of food (I THANKFULLY got my appetite back a little bit for TG dinner!), family, travel, cutting down a Christmas tree, a stressful football game, and still not feeling my best. I am starting yet another clear-liquid diet at noon for my  Capsule Endoscopy tomorrow, so I'm thankful for Gatorade, apple juice, and chicken broth. :)

Monday, Nov. 26
Today I'm thankful for my sweet friend Ashlee - it's her birthday! I love this girl. Our moms are best friends, so we've known each other our whole lives. And just like our moms were in each other's weddings, Ash and I were up there for each other on our big days. She is truly a lifelong friend.

Tuesday, Nov. 27
Today I'm thankful for my friend April. This was originally intended for last Tuesday, since that was her birthday (the big 3-0!). Although I've only known April for 3 years, it feels like a lifetime. She is one of my closest friends and we've gone through some of life's biggest milestones together: weddings, babies, buying houses, all that good stuff.

Wednesday, Nov. 28
Today I am thankful for my cuddly babies Penny and Ellie. They are the BEST at making you feel awesome and loved and important. I'm still not feeling 100% these days, but cuddling with them almost always makes me feel a little bit better. They are almost complete opposites at 4 pounds and 50 pounds, so it's a riot to see them play together. And boy, do they ever play! I'm going to have to get it on video and share. It's hilarious :)

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