Halloweenie's over: welcome to November

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Am I the only one who is in slight disbelief that Halloween and October 2012 have come and gone?

We had a very simple Halloween this year. Nothing special or crazy, not even any costumes (unless you count the bunny ears I threw on during my office's trick-or-treating for kids on Monday - yes, the same ones Ellie is wearing in this pic!).

We made a last-minute decision Tuesday night to carve one of the pumpkins that has been decorating the front stoop. But hey - we had a jack-o-lantern, candy, and the weather was cold. What more can you possibly want for Halloween?

I was disappointed that we didn't get nearly as many trick-or-treaters as we did last year. Weird, considering there are dozens more houses in the neighborhood this year than there were in 2011 (we live in a new construction phase of a neighborhood).  But whatevs - more candy for meeeeeee!

I still enjoyed getting to see all the kiddos dressed up in their costumes. My fave ? Probably the tiny Katniss that showed up with her hair in a braid and what I think was an actual, functioning (read: can hurt you) bow. Bad-a** for a 4th grader. (Side note: do 4th graders read the Hunger Games??? Because that shi cray. Can't say I would let my kid read that. But that's neither here nor there).

My pups got into the action, too. Penny has a smorgasbord of Halloween costumes to choose from, and we went with the lady bug this year. Ellie doesn't do clothing. So I just stuck those bunny ears on her for a hot second before she took them off.  Penny really got into her role as the Official Trick-or-Treater Greeter, while Ellie had a seizure with every knock.

The main thing here is that now that Halloween is over, we are going to be hit in the face every single day for the next two months with Christmas music, decorations and ads. While I love Christmas, it makes me sad that it's so commercialized and the true reason for the season is masked. Plus, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and nowadays it's like it doesn't even exist! In the 21st century, Thanksgiving is basically baby Christmas: a trial run for holiday baking, a mid-way point for decorating your house, and the signal that if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, you're a failure. Such a travesty.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now.

Suffice it all to say: let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas. (Oh wait - I think Target beat me to that a few weeks ago with their "It's gonna be BIG" ad. I give up!!).


  1. Love the bunny ears on Ellie she looks so well mannered!

  2. I agree...I really do wish Thanksgiving wasn't so overlooked...I love savoring the holidays as they come!!

  3. such cute dogs!! really. and I am already celebrating over here!

    Helene in Between


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