Friday's Letters

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hey there - we made it to Friday! I really can't complain, I've had a pretty laid-back week. You know how some weeks are crazy and you feel like you don't even have time to pee, and then some weeks you can actually cross everything off your to-do list? Mine has been more like the latter, thankfully. I can always appreciate a week like that because then you don't have to play catch-up on the weekend!

We are going to be in town this weekend, yay! Last one in town for several weeks, but that's okay. Lots to look forward to!


Dear little brother: I'm excited to see you tonight and this weekend! But PLEASE be careful hiking the AT this week. I hope you packed your Bear Scare. Dear stomach pains: why, why, WHY?? Please leave me the heck alone! Can't you just react to one of the many medications we've tried over the last year already? Dear Mom: thanks for your donation of your Southwest Rapid Rewards points to buy our return flights for my Reunion weekend. You are the BEST! Dear closet: you are depressing me lately. I know this isn't what you really are (completely anyway), but all I see is the same old sweaters I've had for a few years now and jeans that I cannot wear to work. I guess I'll have to go shopping...Dear Sunday: please don't rain too much, k? In case you haven't heard, it's apple picking day and it's kinda a big deal. Dear husband: YAY for your training ending today! Come home already! Your girls are missing you BIG TIME!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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