It's my birthday! 28 things to do while I'm 28

Monday, September 3, 2012

Today is my 28th birthday, so happy birthday to me and happy Labor Day to all of you! Random tidbit about Kristin: I was actually born on Labor Day in 1984 - how appropriate, right? I guess my Mom took the day literally, ha! It's a pretty sweet day to be born because 1) I always get a day off on or around my birthday and 2) college football returns the week of my birthday every year. Pretty darn lucky.

It's hard to think that I have been an "adult" for 10 years now. Where has the time gone? Do you ever feel like time is spinning out of control? I do. Most of the time, I'm okay with it, but sometimes I'm like GEEZ, when did I enter my late 20s - better yet, when did I enter my 20s?? Since when am I a working adult and I'm not in college? Since when could I drive a car unsupervised? (okay, to be honest, I can't remember what it's like to not be able to drive wherever I wanted. But you get the idea). But here I am: I went to bed last night at 27, and woke up at 28. Time marches on, so we have to enjoy each and every day!

Anyway, carrying on...I thought that a great way to kick off the year of 28 would be to set 28 goals - or "to-do's" if you will - of things I'd like to check off this next year. I'm a list maker and often find myself scribbling things on my To-Do list  just to cross them off (i.e., Oh I already washed that load of towels? Allow me to write it down and immediately mark through it). So here is my list, loosely organized in seasonal order starting in September: 

  1. Go apple picking for the first time ever
  2. Start baking for fun on a regular basis again  - and share with my neighbors and work peeps
  3. Discover a new TV show that Alex and I both love
  4. Send at least one "just because" snail mail note per month
  5. Make my goal weight in time for my reunion (it's in 8 weeks, people!!) ...and maintain it
  6. Have a great time at my 10 Year High School Reunion :)
  7. Start planning and saving for a big vacation with Alex (we're thinking Italy in 2013!)
  8. Go on a weekend getaway to a place we've never been
  9. Start and finish our engagement and wedding showers/parties/bach party/etc scrapbook
  10. Send out more Christmas cards than last year
  11. Create a Household Budget and stick to it
  12. Plan a surprise party for someone
  13. Update my Passport with my married name - and then USE IT!
  14. Paint the Study and attach the bookcases to the wall (safety first)
  15. Have a Pinterest Party
  16. Plant bulbs in the winter and watch them bloom in spring
  17. Host more than one dinner party throughout the year
  18. Get rid of one piece of clothing for every one new piece purchased
  19. Use our wedding china
  20. Organize the Golf/Work-out room and make it more usable 
  21. Run a 5K (scary - I hate running)
  22. Get serious about our savings
  23. Host a big, old-fashioned summer cook-out
  24. Learn how to play golf
  25. Attend a dressy/fancy event with the hubs and get all gussied up
  26. Have a true girls' weekend
  27. Build regularly scheduled massages into the budget (it's for my health, I swear. I SWEAR.)
  28. Be more spontaneous and try not to sweat the small stuff. Life is too short!
And with that, I begin my next year! (Actually, getting technical here, my next year begins at 8:31pm). I have had a terrific weekend in Florida celebrating with my favorite people for the last 3 days. We just rolled in from our 7-hour road trip. Tonight, Alex and I are going to lay low, eat some pizza, watch a little Bachelor Pad and play with the pups. I wouldn't have it any other way! Feeling incredibly blessed! 

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