It's OK Thursday!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm proud to report that this week has {so far} gone by quickly for me. Which is surprising because it started off with a vacay-hangover (you know, when you feel like you've been drinking but it's really just the toll that airports take on your body) as well as a giant blister on the bottom of my foot from all that walking we did in DC. Which is still there, BTW.


It's Thursday!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...
  • to be a little freaked out that we still don't have a DJ booked for the class reunion in 4 weeks. And I am in charge. Yep. (We'll have an iPod on standby if needed...)
  • to be thrilled with how my Fall decor on the front porch is coming along. All I need are some pumpkins and mums and I'll post pics!
  • to miss my husband this week while he's been at training...but to enjoy the break from cooking dinner ;) Cereal it is!
  • to be terrified that there are allegedly not one, but TWO packs of coyotes roaming my little suburban neighborhood at night! Seriously, we don't live in the boondocks - what is going on??
  • to feel like I need to get a move-on with Christmas shopping. I'm stressin'. For realz. 
  • to feel overwhelmed when I look at my calendar for the next few weeks. We only have like 2 weekends in town between now and Thanksgiving. Fun times ahead, but dang. 
  • to feel like I have nothing to wear but my closet is full. Tale as old as time. 
  • to be pretty pumped that hubby gets his first new paycheck next week :)
  • to feel the need to pin ridiculous numbers of apple recipes in preparation for apple picking this weekend
Hope you have one fantastic day!


  1. Super jealous about the apple picking!! I'm pinning fall apple recipes too, but I think I'm going to be buying mine at the store, lol.

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  3. I lost count of how many times my husband has rolled his eyes at me as I'm standing in the closet exclaiming I have nothing to wear. Sure, there are clothes. But nothing I WANT to wear. ;)

    I felt overwhelmed when looking at our calendar back in June. Every.single.weekend. for two months, we had something going on. When we finally had a weekend to stay in? We didn't even know what to do with ourselves. Ha!


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