It's OK Thursday!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm proud to report that this week has {so far} gone by quickly for me. Which is surprising because it started off with a vacay-hangover (you know, when you feel like you've been drinking but it's really just the toll that airports take on your body) as well as a giant blister on the bottom of my foot from all that walking we did in DC. Which is still there, BTW.


It's Thursday!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...
  • to be a little freaked out that we still don't have a DJ booked for the class reunion in 4 weeks. And I am in charge. Yep. (We'll have an iPod on standby if needed...)
  • to be thrilled with how my Fall decor on the front porch is coming along. All I need are some pumpkins and mums and I'll post pics!
  • to miss my husband this week while he's been at training...but to enjoy the break from cooking dinner ;) Cereal it is!
  • to be terrified that there are allegedly not one, but TWO packs of coyotes roaming my little suburban neighborhood at night! Seriously, we don't live in the boondocks - what is going on??
  • to feel like I need to get a move-on with Christmas shopping. I'm stressin'. For realz. 
  • to feel overwhelmed when I look at my calendar for the next few weeks. We only have like 2 weekends in town between now and Thanksgiving. Fun times ahead, but dang. 
  • to feel like I have nothing to wear but my closet is full. Tale as old as time. 
  • to be pretty pumped that hubby gets his first new paycheck next week :)
  • to feel the need to pin ridiculous numbers of apple recipes in preparation for apple picking this weekend
Hope you have one fantastic day!

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