It's OK Thursday!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Linking up with Neely again at A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's OK Thursday!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....
  • to like Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Latte better than Starbucks' version (and DD's is half the price)
  • to talk a big talk about getting my fall decorations out of the attic, and then when I did last night, I stuck them all in a corner because, let's face it, it's only Sept. 6
  • to send my husband alone to the football game this weekend...I need sleep and rest, people. And he will have friends there so he won't be allllll alone. 
  • to be happy that we are past Labor Day weekend - it means that my crazy couple of weeks of traveling and insanity, as fun as they were, are over! 
  • that my gastroenterologists (plural) still aren't sure what's wrong with me (actually, wait. That's NOT okay. But I know they're trying). 
  • that I want to buy a ton of fall-scented candles and soaps at Bath and Body Works, but there's no way I will ever use them all before Christmas and then it will be time to buy the Christmas versions
  • that I am already planning what kind of treat and toy to get for Ellie for her first birthday in a few weeks and I would like to get a cute "1st Birthday" hat for her to wear. Ya know, for the pics.
  • to look forward to a Saturday of staying in my PJs until 11, watching the Today Show until it's time for ESPN College Gameday (features Texas A&M v. UF this week - watch it!!), then do responsible things like vacuum and clean the bathroom

Have a great Thursday, everyone! And if you like what you read - please follow my blog! :)


  1. i really wish i had more DDs close to me...i really can't think of where one is! but i love their coffee! so good!!!

    happy thursday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  2. Hi there!! New follower from the link up! hubby's a gator and we live in the South, so I look forward to reading more!

  3. I'm also dying for Fall to hit. It cracks me up that you got so excited that you took all the Fall stuff down and then put them in the corner :)

  4. I don't often cheer for Florida, but I will this week! I also believe that Bath and Body Works has delicious fall stuff but I could never get through it all in time for Christmas! It's too bad!

  5. I swear, every time I go into Bath and Body Works, I find myself overcome with an urge to buy ALL THE THINGS.

    and it's just so dang hard to resist!

  6. I love Fall scents! But, if you buy too many there is always next year :D Haha!
    I haven't been to Bath and Body works in forever.. :(


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